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Explore Shipping Container Homes in Los Angeles

One of my favorite home trends is the eclectic, eco-friendly shipping container home. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like!

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Though it’s not entirely mainstream, the trend has been around for nearly twenty years. There has been an effort to make home construction more green, and shipping container homes are one way to accomplish a sustainably sourced home. Because of these containers’ previous function in overseas transportation, they are mold resistant, won’t rust, can hold tons of weight, and plenty large to create a comfortably sized space in your home. Typically, they measure 20-40 feet long and 8 feet high, creating a great shape for a modern architectural look.


Another great advantage to these homes is cost. Previously owned boxes can be purchased through a broker, eBay, or possibly someone local for a few thousand dollars each. But make sure to be mindful of the condition they’re in before buying! It’s highly recommended to see the containers in person before buying, considering there could be noticeable wear and tear from their time transporting cargo.


To avoid that potential issue, it’s also possible to buy shipping containers brand new for a slightly higher price. However, the appeal for many container home owners is the process of up-cycling the abandoned containers and reducing waste. But no matter what the motivation for building one of these homes, they are without question some of the most fascinating homes around.