“I really can’t say enough good things about Diane Evans. I’ve known Diane for six years and have been through a home purchase and sale with her. She helped my husband and I buy our first house and helped us through the process every step of the way. Then she became our friend and neighbor! When it came time to sell our house five years later, Diane worked tirelessly on helping us stage it and market it to potential buyers. We ended up with 14 offers and it sold way over asking price, largely thanks to Diane’s hard work.  I would recommend Diane as a realtor to anyone. She is not only super savvy about the real estate market and L.A. neighborhoods and schools, she is also just a really great person who you will enjoy spending time with.”
— Nichola W.

“Diane is an exceptional realtor. She knows the LA market incredibly well and also the latest information on seemingly every school too. She listened to our requests very carefully and every property she showed us was a viable option as a result. Can’t recommend her more highly.”
— Samuel R.

“I can’t say enough about Diane. She has been with us since we bought our first home in 2009. She is very knowledgable about the different neighborhoods in Los Angeles and always remains perfectly calm in the face of emotional home buyers/sellers (us). She leads you through the process with grace, style and an ease that is hard to come by. We recently sold our first house and bought a new one. Since we bought our first house before we had kids, when it was time to move into a better school district, she immediately took charge as schools are her specialty. We ended up with a house in a great area, walking distance to all the schools our children will be going to! All this with basically nothing on the market in the area! She even guided us through writing a letter to the home owner that ended up making the deal for us! We feel blessed that Diane Evans is our realtor. And since we’ve now known her for almost ten years, we consider her part of our family.”
— Jonathon K.

“Diane was the listing agent on a home we purchased. She is fantastic! Since we basically stalked the home we ended up purchasing by going to every single open house for it, we got to know Diane pretty well at the open houses and eventually during the home inspections and other aspects of the buying process. She always represented her clients really well while also being very respectful and kind with us and our agent. I had to email her a few times with some questions and speak with her on the phone about a few details, and she is a wealth of information on local real estate. She is also a good source of referrals to local service providers. She’s as knowledgeable as she is charming, and you won’t go wrong with her.”
— Jayme D.


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